The new Anatomy Lifestyle Fitness space at Safdarjung Development Area has a spectacular layout with wide open spaces and ample sunshine pouring in at at every floor. One feels energised and luxurious among the lavish facilities. Having shifted base from Hauz Khas, the new place is more modern and chic with a lush green surrounding.The new property boasts of a huge valet parking, 100% power backup facilities so your workout mood is just set right. Anatomy Lifestyle Fitness Is Made To Inspire. With Innovative group Fitness Classes, Exceptional Trainers, some of the Best Equipment in the industry, a luxurious spa with a nutritious health cafe by its side, we make sure that we instill the idea of 'Luxury Being Within You' to every individual at the gym. Spread across 5 floors and nearly 21000 sq. feet, with wide open spaces, almost a luxury mall-like feel and customised interiors, this space has a fitness vibe like no other. It's bigger and better and gives each member the fitness buzz they were looking for. Each floor has been set-up to fulfill a specific idea and has its own character. The aim is to elevate one's complete lifestyle and let each member experience luxury like never before. There is something new, on every floor, for every member, be it a cardio, strength enthusiast or a functional training lover.

The ground floor wows one with its aesthetics and sensual appeal. The first floor is guaranteed to get one's heart pumping with never-seen-before decor, equipment and practices. On the second floor, you will get to test your mettle; an instant rush of adrenaline is sure shot here. The third floor is where you get to push your boundaries beyond imagination; the thrill of the outdoors is at your fingertips. After all the sweat, one is worthy of the treat offered at the Health Cafe. The Basement is where all are equal: All for one and one for all. We provide a luxurious beauty space so that you can pamper yourself after the strenuous work-out. The wide varieties of high quality toiletries make sure that you don't have to carry heavy liquids in your gym bag. Organic cotton towels which are right for your skincare regime have been used.

The Cardio Zone is well lit and open from three sides, thus making sure that you have sufficient sunlight while working out. The greenery around adds to the vibe of nature that one gets here. Mirrors positioned all around motivate you to push yourself and aim higher. The Strength Space is where your love for big things starts. There is a palpable sense of power on entering this space. The warm, red bricked interiors will evoke your inner passion and energy like nothing else. The Outdoor Space is where you inhale motivation and exhale resistance. Rock climbing and trx workout areas provide dynamic development possibilities. Both Group Classes and Individual Training are available. The Cafe in the premises is what you just can't miss out on. Serving healthy and fresh this makes it a revolutionary fitness club.

Anatomy Lifestyle Fitness aims to spread the idea of how fitness is true luxury in today's world. By fitness, we don't mean getting into a particular shape or a body type but eliminating existing and new age health problems, thereby getting you to live the most healthy way that you were supposed to.

We are powered by passion, determination, sweat and hard work. Our approach to fitness is more towards a result-oriented, detailed and customized manner for all. Innovating new fitness trends and helping our members to unleash the talent in them is what we thrive on.


Mr. Brijesh Tyagi, credited with the title of ‘Mr.India’ at the All India Building Championship has also represented the country at the South East Asia Body Building Competition as well as The Common Wealth Games. His niche clientele includes celebrities like Mr. Sunil Mittal, Mr. Shalu Jindal, Mr. Abhishek Khaitan , Mrs. Ritu Beri & Mr. Shyam Bhartia to name a few. He works with each & individual basis with improvisation being the hall mark of his training technique.


A certified instructor from the American College Of Sports & Medicine, Ajay's fitness mantra is to listen to the body and understand it needs. Working at the helm in on of the leading gyms in the country, he is recognised for personalised workouts to suit an individuals needs. A bike enthusiast he rarely needs an excuse to go for a ride on his dream machine.